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Are you Depressed?

There are various levels of depression. Some levels are within the range of normal while others are not and may require help from a professional. The following article excerpt and depression test may help you to discern how serious your depression is:

Depression has many causes and influences people in unique ways. We all
have our days when we feel sad, exceptionally tired or are having trouble
sleeping. Fortunately, these episodes usually don’t last long. When symptoms
like these last for two weeks or more, it may be a sign of a significant, or
“major” depression.

At this time, there are no blood tests or X-rays that can tell if someone
is depressed. The best way to make a diagnosis of major depression is to
carefully examine how you feel and discuss this with your doctor. There are
several questionnaires available to help you and your doctor decide if you have
depression that should be treated. It is important to find this out because the
treatment for depression is very effective.

Take the depression assessment.

Brookhaven’s Renewal Christian Care Program treats major and clinical depression through a combination of both in and out patient settings. Through a comprehensive program involving medical care, therapy and christian nurturing, Brookhaven helps individuals return to a life full of potential and opportunity.

For more information on Brookhaven’s programs for depression click here

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