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10 Ways to Beat the Holiday Blues

Christmas, although meant to be a time of celebration over the birth of our Savior, can have many challenges. In particular, people without family around tend to isolate; the stress of shopping on a small budget and restlessness are issues as well. Be aware of the potential problems that you personally could encounter during the season, or perhaps have encountered in the past. Make an effort to connect with people, including the “difficult relatives.” If you have no family to celebrate with, contact friends. Don’t be ashamed or worried about inconveniencing someone else; connect with someone. Christmas is a time for connecting with people and with Jesus Christ. The following is a small excerpt of an article that gives some helpful tips on how to make your Christmas a merry one:

You need to connect with people. The worst thing you can do is isolate yourself from the very people God may want to use to encourage and restore you. Make plans. Don’t sit around and wait to be invited. Set realistic goals. Organize your time by making lists and setting your priorities in order. We often worry the most about the things that matter the least.

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