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Danna Demetre: Dialing Back Your Diet

Danna Demetre, now a registered nurse, life coach and public speaker, emerged victoriously from bulimia and chronic panic attacks. Her testimony is powerful and encouraging for those that are struggling with an eating disorder. In her guest article for CBN.com, “Dialing Back Your Diet,” Danna talks about healthy dieting tips. In particular, Danna discusses holiday diet tips and how to enjoy the season without putting on the pounds, information we could all use. The following is an excerpt of the article:

Danna came to her knowledge of food the hard way, but says that the change was part of the journey. Danna battled self-image problems when she was younger. “As a young woman, I saw myself inaccurately,” she says. Danna got trapped in the world’s view of what was beautiful, and as a result, she had a skewed body image. Never more than 20 pounds overweight, Danna was bulimic for 16 years. She says she was out of control in college and used to purge three to five times a day. “I was in bondage to food,” she says.

As we look forward to the Christmas holidays, we don’t have to look forward to gaining extra pounds. Danna says the trick to keeping weight off is to think in terms of a total life change in how we think about food. A lifestyle change is something that you can do most days of your life without too much effort or deprivation. Everything else is just a diet.

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