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Bad Childhood, Good Life

There are several mindsets and habits that we bring into our adult life from childhood. Patterns are established early in life on how we interact with people, how we deal with stress, and how we perceive ourselves. As an adult, some of these negative patterns are passed on from childhood and can cause anxiety, depression and other problems. Shifting away from these learned behaviors is difficult but doable. It takes courage and purposefulness. The following is an excerpt of an article entitled “Bad Childhood, Good Life,” which deals with this issue:

Dr. Laura asks, “What makes some people hold onto being a victim and others choose to improve their lives?” The answer is control.

According to Dr. Laura, when you are a perpetual victim, the past is in control of your present. When you are a conqueror, the present is controlled by your choices, in spite of the pain and pull of your past. Inspiring, isn’t it? Yet it is so difficult for some people to make up their minds and follow through, to become conquerors. Why? There are at least nine reasons, all having to do with an emotional attachment to certain kinds of crutches:

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