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10 Steps To Surviving the Holidays

There are several things that one can keep in mind during the holiday season to lessen the negatives that commonly go along with the territory. Embracing the childlike joy of the holidays, watching what one eats and creating boundaries with family are all ideas that could help manage the stresses of the season. The following is an excerpt of an article with a helpful collection of ideas to help the holiday season go smoother:

What is it with the holidays? We’re supposed to be happy, merry, and thankful and yet all too often, we’re depressed, anxious, and stressed. The pre-enlightened Scrooge had the right idea, we think. Bah, humbug, we say! But if Scrooge can turn it around, why can’t we? After all, are any of us as hard a nut to crack as he?
The following are 10 suggestions on how to survive the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Or how to turn around the holidays – without any ghostly visitations.

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