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Crystal Meth Detected In Newborns’ Hair

Researches recently found that crystal meth, or Methamphetamine, can be detected in the hair of newborns. Evidence collected from the study proves that the drug can cross the placenta and affect the fetus growing inside of the using mother. The testing for Methamphetamine in newborn’s hair began in 2003; since that time, there has been an increase in the detected use of the drug among pregnant women whose children had their hair tested. Horrifically, the tests also showed that most of the women detected to use meth during pregnancy were poly-users, causing even more health risks for the newborns. Dr. Garcia-Bournissen and his associates expressed that “there is the possibility that… children exposed in utero to methamphetamine are at risk of developmental problems.” The following is an excerpt of the article:

Methamphetamine can be detected in the hair of newborns whose mothers used the drug during pregnancy, researchers here have found. It represents the first direct evidence in humans that crystal meth, which is a growing drug-abuse problem in North America, can cross the placenta and affect the growing fetus, according to Facundo Garcia-Bournissen, M.D., of the Motherisk program at the Hospital for Sick Children.

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