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Daughters Under Fire

Eating disorders are affecting girls at earlier stages of development these days. Even pre-teens and children are facing the disorder. The pressure to fit in is different as styles evolve becoming more demanding. The media is changing too. Some of the most popular children’s networks are promoting teen idols, pop-stars that are “the” example of how to look physically for young girls trying to fit in. The following article discusses the evolution of eating disorders among women:

Take a quick look at just about any 8-year-old girl, and you’re likely to see a baby face looking back at you. But the “baby” behind that face is hardly the naïve child that a typical pre-teen girl was several decades ago. Today’s pre-teen girls have been exposed to more pressure than most of their mothers experienced in their teen years. And a result has been a confused and confusing scenario for Christian girls and their parents-mothers and fathers who are trying to help their daughters navigate their way through some of the most difficult years of their lives.

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