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Facing Children’s Fears When a Loved One Dies

As a parent, one must plan for the process of helping a child cope in the event of the loss of a family member or close friend. When does this process begin? How can I help my child to understand death and at what time? The truth is that every child is different. Different children may approach the grieving process in completely different ways. The following article gives some good ideas on how to help children cope with the loss of a loved one taking into account their unique personal needs:

As everyone tries to cope with the death, the dynamics of family change can be unsettling for children. In particular, the death of a parent can set in motion a whole new set of changes in a child’s life. The death of a parent may prompt a move to a new neighborhood and school. Financial challenges may face a family that does not have life insurance. A stay-at-home mom, now a single mom, may be forced to enter a professional career and place her children in day care. These changes, along with the death itself, create conflicting emotions and can be the source of previously unexperienced fears.

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