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Centenarians say faith is source of longevity

A recent survey performed by Evercare, a provider of health care plans for the disabled and chronically ill, offered some fascinating findings. The study, focusing on 100 people between the ages of 100 and 104, found that 23% of centenarians attributed faith in God to their longevity. Among faith, “work, diet… and a clean life” were also credited with longevity.

In addition to polling the group about the cause of longevity, Evercare asked the people surveys what they found most fulfilling in life. The most popular answer was raising a family at 30% with career coming in a close second at 20%. Below is an excerpt of the article:

In a survey of 100 people between the ages of 100 and 104, 23 percent said faith rather than genes and good medical care were responsible for their long life. Other factors given included hard work, a healthy diet and “living a good, clean life.” Sixty-one percent of those surveyed said there was nothing they would have done more of in their lives and 78 percent said there is nothing they would have done less.

This is a fascinating survey and I would have to agree with the resulting popular opinions of those surveyed. However, I wonder if Boomers and Xers, with increasingly sedentary lifestyles and changing societal dynamics in general, will enjoy the same longevity.

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