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Make Peace with Your Body

WWBD? “What would Barbie do” is the question that many women subconsciously associate body improvements with. “There are those that believe playing with Barbie actually… leads to body dissatisfaction and the desire for breast implants.” Sounds silly, but the media is full of “Barbies,” whether they be actresses, supermodels, etc. Practically unattainable expectations are engrained in the minds of girls through the media. The following is an excerpt of an article that discusses unhealthy body comparisons:

Now I know some of you are thinking, Oh come on, she’s only a harmless doll, an icon from the twentieth century. It’s not like she’s Chucky! Let her play in peace! Put on her yoga outfit and let’s all calm down!

Well, we probably could if we weren’t bombarded daily with images of perfect looking women who look more like dolls than reality. It’s the repeated exposure to all these images that causes a problem. Barbie is only one of many images a young girl sees these days. So if Barbie could react to all the unrealistic images of women she sees, here’s what I think she would do.

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