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Can being right also be wrong?

Thriving relationships must contain a healthy dose of compromise. The fact is, even when someone is in the right concerning a particular issue, “I’m right and your wrong” is not necessarily what needs to be communicated. Sometimes winning is losing, especially when intimacy is involved. The following article discusses healthy marital communication and how to compromise. Below is an excerpt:

Recently my husband and I were debating over the purchase of a very costly item. He wanted it, and I did not. I was certain that it was something we did not need, and certain I did not want it. Well, honestly, I did want it a little bit, but my frugal upbringing was peering its cheap head and screaming, “Tell him NO WAY!” There were two very obvious reasons not to buy it: The one we have works fine, and we would not be able to save as much money each month. I was CERTAIN that I was right, we clearly did not need it!

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