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Bullying May Keep Overweight Kids Off the Playgrounds

A recent study found that over weight children 8-18 were found to be bullied which resulted in depression and anxiety. There have been very few studies that have taken a psychometric approach to validating this phenomenon. The study focused on self-reported results of bullying by children rather than parental reports; this makes the study unique. The study included 100 overweight children and found that twenty-five-percent were bulled by peers. The Pearson correlation coefficient analysis found that bullying of the subject children was strongly associated with:

The following is an excerpt of the article:

“GAINESVILLE, Fla., April 21- Overweight kids can be bullied or taunted right off the playgrounds or ball fields, potentially making their struggles with excess pounds even worse, researchers here said. One quarter of overweight children ages eight to 18 reported significant problems with bullying, and such problems correlated strongly with self-reported depression, loneliness, anxiety, and curtailed physical activity, said Eric A. Storch, Ph.D., a psychologist at the University of Florida.”

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