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Exercise and Depression

The link between depression and exercise is common knowledge. Exercise is one of many steps that a person can take to relieve major symptoms of depression. In the case of clinical depression, help from a mental health professional should be sought before serious consequences occur. The following article discusses the link between exercise and the relief of depression:

“It is estimated that over 340 million people in the world suffer from depression. Half of all victims do not recognize the illness and therefore never seek help. Untreated, depression is the most common cause of suicide and the incidence is unfortunately, on the rise. The World Health Organization has estimated that by the year 2020 “depression will be the greatest burden of ill-health to people in the developing world, and severe depression will be the second largest cause of death and disability.”

“With these overwhelming statistics in mind, several questions arise. For starters what exactly is depression? We all have changes in mood from day to day, and we all have episodes in our life when we are sad for prolonged periods of time. Whether due to bereavement, unemployment, or even social isolation, when does too much sadness change from a natural occurrence to a serious disorder requiring help? And what are the causes of depression? Can we do anything to prevent them?”

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