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Thirty Minutes of Exercise Helps Relieve Major Depressive Symptoms

Lack of exercise can cause depression, anxiety and hypertension. A regular routine of exercise, perhaps a daily thirty-minute walk, will help to relieve symptoms of depression and stress. The following article discusses a study which validates this point:

“AUSTIN, Tex. Jan. 27 – Just a half hour on the treadmill was enough to provide a significant mood boost for patients with a major depressive disorder, according to a small study.

Compared with sitting quietly undisturbed for a half-hour, walking up to 70% of age-predicted maximum heart rate for 30 minutes significantly improved patients’ vigor (P<0.01) and sense of well-being (P<0.01), reported John B. Bartholomew, Ph.D., of the exercise and sport psychology lab at the University of Texas here."

“Thirty Minutes of Exercise Helps Relieve Major Depressive Symptoms”

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