By On February 9th, 2006

Bullying in the NHS

This thorough article discusses the emotional intricacies of bullying. Written for the Christian Medical Fellowship of the United Kingdom, this article can also be applied to a wide range of other workplace scenarios where bullying is prevalent:

“Bullying is abuse through the misuse of power; and is alive and well in the NHS. Supervision and mentoring are meant to be formative, but can be destructive when they demean abilities and undermine self-esteem. When we are bullied we should carefully record the facts; determine whether the criticism was unjust, and confront the bully, perhaps with a supportive third party, in a civil and polite way. If an apology and change in behavior is not forthcoming; then it may be necessary to proceed to a formal complaint. Whatever happens everything should be approached in an attitude of prayer, forgiveness and love.”

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