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My Story

Sometimes the process of drug recovery can take several years, even as a Christian. As partakers of the human nature we can grow weak at times and fail to keep our most sincere resolutions to God and ourselves. The following story is about a man raised in an alcoholic family who struggled with drug addiction even after his conversion to Christ; yet, with the help of family, friends and a Christian Counselor was able to overcome his toxic heritage:

“I grew up in an alcoholic family. Both my father and my mother came from alcoholic homes as well. In 1983, I lost a brother to a drunk driving accident. He was 24. Because I grew up in such a very chaotic home, I was running the streets from an early age.

I had my first drinking experience was when I was just twelve years old. I was “turned on” to pot at age fourteen, and went to jail twice for selling marijuana, hashish, and LSD, before I was eighteen years old. In 1974, my life began to unravel. God used “the law” to get my attention. It looked like I would be “busted” for selling drugs for a third time. The fear of a long prison sentence finally brought me to the end of myself. I became so desperate that I started listening to those “Jesus freak” friends of mine. Anybody remember Jesus freaks? They were former hippies who came to know Christ. As far as I was concerned, they were really kind of spooky people who floated around and were all “smiley” and they weren’t doing any dope. Although I could not figure out what they had in their lives, I just knew I needed it, too.”

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