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By On June 16th, 2014

Five Steps to Cope with Discouragement

  Even the strongest and most faith-filled people feel discouraged at one point in their lives. Here are five helpful tips to cope with discouragement. 1)      Acknowledge the fact that you feel discouraged Then you will be in a position to take action against the negative emotion.  Stop thinking that staunch Christians are the ones…


By On June 6th, 2014

Christians Also Feel Discouragement and Disappointment

Discouragement and disappointment are emotions that weigh down most human beings at one time or another, and Christians are not excluded from this.  Discussed below are four cases from the Bible that show how Christians got their fair share of these emotions.  Hopefully, it will provide you with some inspiration to face whatever discouraging situation…


By On March 15th, 2014

Does Your Church Have An Eating Disorder?

How To Address Christian Teens Suffering From Eating Disorders It is alarming to take note that teenagers are at high risk of suffering from eating disorders. In the recent survey from the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa And Associated Disorders, one half of teenagers use unhealthy weight control habits like fasting, vomiting, skipping meals and taking…


By On February 24th, 2014

How to Build Your Christian Marriage

Building a Christian marriage does not happen overnight. In fact, it takes time and effort for spouses to be able to build a good Christian marriage. One of the most important steps in building a good Christian marriage is to build a solid foundation with God at its center.   Here are some of tips on…


By On December 24th, 2013

How Stay Mentally Healthy During the Christmas Season

While the Christmas season is a joyous event, there are some who feel that the holiday season reminds them of their lost loved ones and financial difficulties. With most people experiencing life’s squabbles, problems at work and busy schedules, it is easy to feel downcast during the holiday season. Although these things can be unavoidable,…


By On November 26th, 2013

Can Suicide Blood Test Help Christians?

With the many stresses that abound in our lives, it has pushed many Christians to take their life. While there are many congregations that provide counseling services to their members who are suffering from aggression and depression who are vulnerable to suicide, the numbers of deaths by suicide continues to rise. Today, there is new…


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